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🔊January Japanese Word of the Weekday w//QUIZBO™ | 【お疲れ様】(20 of 20)

HELLO! I AM QUIZBO™!Welcome to the final Kiki+Koko: Let’s NihonGO!! Online’s Japanese Word of the Weekday of the month of January! This was a special segment for the month of January dedicated to those that had decided to begin their Japanese language learning journey this year as well as those who hoped to return to learning Japanese language.



Even though I am but a computer robot, I feel a warmth in my circuitry. I am very proud of you! And, I appreciate you for joining us during this special segment. I hope that this has assisted you in beginning or continuing your Japanese language learning journey. We will be providing many more resources and lessons in future, and we hope that you will continue your journey along with us. Though we will still meet in other lessons, Word of the Week, videos, and more, I am processing 物のあわれ as this special comes to a close. Even if a new segment is created, and even if it is objectively better or worse, it will never be exactly the same under the same time and same circumstances of its exact happenstance. This is complex data for a computer robot to process. But, I would calculate that this also brings what may be processed as happiness for this special segment and the experiences we have shared along the way.



Emotional data aside, if you are reading this at some time in future: do not worry, you can participate at any time and still receive the benefits! There is no expiration date on learning. And, there is no time to start learning like the present. Do not put off your dreams until a specific day such as next week or next year to begin something that can improve your life today.


Also, do not worry if you were unable to participate every weekday, that is all right! Any amount of learning is more than you knew before, and you have time to try again. At any rate, it is encouraged that anyone who has already participated should return to these words in order to revise/review. It takes several exposures as well as a good bit of rest in order to adequately encode these concepts and vocabulary words into your long term memory, so do not put undue pressure on time limits when your mind has its own processes and codecs to help you memorise and utilise them.


Without further ado, I present to you the final January Japanese Word of the Weekday:


Word(s) of the Weekday:


otsukare sama (deshita).
Phrase/Collocation (連語) ; Noun (名詞); Adjectival Noun (形動)

A word used to show appreciation for one’s hard work.

You may hear this apropos expression from a coworker at the end of the workday. This is often heard after the phrase 先に失礼します (さきに しつれいします・saki ni shitsurei shimasu) which is pardoning oneself for leaving before the others at your place of work.



You may also お疲れ様 after finishing or working on a project with classmates to thank you for your hard work on the assignment. And, you will hear お疲れ様 after joining us for a month-long weekday challenge to thank you for your efforts.


Do not go away! You will not want to miss these special example sentences made just for you!
We will be right back after these messages!


We hope that was of interest to youー Now, back to your special example sentences!

In order to not only help you in using this vital congratulatory phrase, but to encourage you to continue your Japanese language learning journey, it is time to hear a few example sentences. Let us NihonGO!!

Example #1

お疲れ様 でした!♡Kiki


おつかれさま でした! みんなさまを ほこりに おもいますっ!
otsukare sama deshita! minnasama wo hokori ni omoimasu!
Good work! I am proud of everyone!


じゅぎょうを うけるつもりか じしゅうするつもりか どうか、
jyugyou wo ukeru tsumori ka jishuu suru tsumori ka dou ka,
Whether you intend to take a class or study on your own,

にほんごを りゅうちょうに はなせたがっていたらどりょくするのが ひつようですけれども、
nihongo wo ryuuchou ni hanasetagatteitara doryoku suru no ga hitsuyou desu keredomo,
If you want to speak Japanese fluently, you have to work hard, but


この ちゃれんじの ように、 すくなくとも へいじつか しゅうまつか どうかに べんきょうすることを しゅうかんづければ、もくひょうを とうたつするはずですっ!

kono charenji no you ni, sukunakutomo heijitsu ka shuumatsu ka douka ni benkyou suru koto wo shuukandzukereba, mokuhyou wo toutatsu suru hazu desu!
if you get into the habit of studying a tleast on weekdays or weekends like this challenge, you’re bound to reach your goal!

これからも にほんごと にほんの ぶんっかを もっとおしえるのを たのしみに しております!
korekaramo nihongo to nihon no bunka wo minasan ni motto oshieru no wo tanoshimi ni shiteorimasu!
I look forward to teaching you more Japanese language and culture in future!



Let’s do our best!

Example #2 

お疲れ様 でした!♡Koko


おつかれさま でした! おとづれてくれてありがとう!

otsukare sama deshita! otodzurete kurete arigatou!

Thank you for your efforts! (And) Thank you for visiting!


ちゃれんじちゅうは、すくなくとも にほんごを すこしがくしゅうしたことを ねがっています。
charenjichuu wa, sukunakutomo nihongo wo sukoshi gakushuu shita koto wo negatteimasu.
I hope you learned at least a bit of Japanese during this challenge.


まなびつづきながら、かならず しつもんを きいて、 まちがうことを こわがないでね。
manabi tsudzukinagara, kanarazu shitsumon wo kiite, machigau koto wo kowaganai de ne.
As you continue learning, be sure to ask questions, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.


それは しばらく じかんが かかるでしょうが、 ちからを いれて よかったって きっと おもいますよ。
sore wa shibaraku kakaru deshou ga, chikara wo irete yokatta tte kitto omoimasuyo.
It can take a while, but you will be glad you put in the effort.

みんなさんの しやを ひろがせたり、
minasan no shiya wo hirogasetari,
I look forward to continue broadening your horizons, and

にほんごの べんきょうを おてつだいしたりすることを つづけて たのしみに してます。
nihongo no benkyou wo otetsudai shitari suru koto wo tsudzukete tanoshimi ni shitemasu.
helping you with your Japanese studies.

Example #3 

お疲れ様 でした!♡QUIZBO™i


おつかれさま でした! くわってくださってありがとうございます!

otsukare sama deshita! kuwatte kudasatte arigatou gozaimasu!

Good work! (And) Thank you for joining us!


もしかして、あなたのみちのりは はじまったばかりです。にほんごをがくしゅうするの みちのりはまだまだ とおいですが、

Moshikashite, anata no michinori wa hajimatta bakari desu. Nihongo wo gakushuu suru no michinori wa madamada tooidesuga,

Perhaps your journey has just begun. There’s still a long rod ahead to learn Japanese, butー


しんぱいしないで。あなたなら できますし。しかも、

Shinpai shinai de. Anata nara dekimasushi. Shikamo,

Do not worry. You can do it! Moreover,


あなたの にほんごを がくしゅうするの みちのりの いっぽごとに、われわれは てつだってあげるに あなたの そばに いるでしょう。
anata no nihongo wo gakushuu suru no michinori no ippogoto ni wareware wa tetsudattegaeru ni
We will be there for you to help you every step of the way on your Japanese language learning journey.


That may be all for Kiki+Koko: Let’s NihonGO!! Online’s January Japanese Word of the Weekday, but this is just the beginning for many of your Japanese language learning journeys as well as for Kiki+Koko: Let’s NihonGO!! Online. We plan to continue to make many more Japanese language and culture learning resources, but we also have many that you can access right this moment! Yes, right now! We currently have several continued lesson and article corners such as Let’s Read Hiragana!! Let’s Write Hiragana!! Japanese Word of the Week, Japanese Language Learning Essentials, Japanese Culture Corner, the Kiki+Koko: Let’s NihonGO!! Radio Show, and more. You can access these by visiting https://ieindigoeast.com/kikiandkokoletsnihongo or simply ieindigoeast.com and click or tap through to our blog or homepage.

Be sure to subscribe to our Electronic Mailing List of Tomorrow, today, using the form at the bottom of the web page so you can be the first to see the latest from Kiki+Koko: Let’s NihonGO!!, Indigo East, and SpeRaToBo. And, remember to return back to previous articles and lessons to review/revise. Also consider following our new page on Twitter and Instagram to support the spread of this site in a friendly domination of Earth that will help more people. Or, if you are enjoying the content that we are creating, or want to spread this content to more people to be able to access it for free, you can join our patreon, patreon.com/ieindigoeast or you can leave a TIP in the TIP♡JAR to keep it going with no strings attached. If you cannot support in this way, then we are just super happy that you are here anyway! It supports the content when you participate, and it is appreciated!

Thank you so much for learning with us!


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