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Kiki+Koko: Let's NihonGO!!

ヾ(・ω・*)ノ こんにちにゃあ!嬉嬉と興子でございます! And we’re here to teach you Japanese. We'll teach you how to read and write! We'll teach you tips and phrases. We'll teach you grammar and culture!

And all you have to do is watch, like, comment, and subscribe to let us know you're going along for the journey! If not, we'd look a bit silly talking to ourselves.

一緒に日本語を学びましょう! Let's NihonGO!!
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🎍Happy New Year | 謹賀新年 | ♡Kiki+Koko™の紀行文

♡嬉嬉+興子の紀行文へようこそ | Welcome to The ♡Kiki+Koko™ Travelogue (もう日本語がおっしゃれて今すぐ嬉嬉ちゃん+興子ちゃんとクイズボくんの投稿をお読みしたがったら、ただにこの部分をお飛びしてもよろしいです。) こんにちにゃー! It’s a New Year’s surprise! Yes, it’s us, Kiki+Koko of Kiki+Koko: Let’s NihonGO!!, your guides to Japanese language and culture collaborating with, well… ourselves: ♡Kiki+Koko™, […]

Closer Look w/QUIZBO™興子の紀行文#〇〇〇一|ご紹介 [Part 1]

Topics Covered in this Closer Look: Vocabulary [Word Bank]; Vocabulary; Grammar: ~たがる, ~たら, ~のに; demonstrative pronouns; demonstrative adjectives, step-by-step conjugation, sentence guidance, the difference between 学習 and 勉強 (学習と勉強の違い);and more! [introduction] HELLO! […]