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Operators are Standing By

Whether it’s a commission, a question, a comment, or an audition request, feel free to send an email. In fact, it’d be wonderful to hear from you!

You can also sign up for The Electronic Mailing List of Tomorrow to get bigger updates located on the sidebar on desktop or scroll lower on mobile.

Don’t forget to add a subject to your email, showing the nature of your message! You can choose a specific E-Mail form to make things easier, or use the general inquiries/messages form if it doesn’t quite fit into one of the categories below.

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Make Contact with Special Lucky Embroidery |スペシャル・ラッキー刺繍とご連絡の取り

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General Inquiries| 一般的なお問い合わせ

Maybe your message doesn’t fit into one of the forms listed above. No worries! If you really can’t consider your message a part of any of these above categories, you can just send an email to all of us SpeRaToBo, and we’ll sort it out. 今は,英語と日本語の対応だけが用意されておりますが、その他にお頑張りします。