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Hello, there! This is wakuwakuWorkshoppe’s Indigo East. At wakuwakuWorkshoppe, I create special patches just for you! Each patch takes hours, and many times, days, of stitching and care to craft. You can see part of the super neat process here by subscribing to SpeRaToBo by Indigo East on Youtube and you can always purchase or commission plushies and patches here at wakuwakuWorkshoppe. Most other patches you’ll see around are mass produced by large corporations, but here, they take love and individual care to make sure they turn out the best that they can with styles I enjoy myself.

But, here, at the SpeRaToBo website, now available to you via the Internet, you can find extra-exclusive patches and artwork not found on other sites that you can’t find anywhere else! Each is always individually crafted by hand with the utmost care and will be updated in the SpeRaToBo blogBe sure to follow us for new updates.

Many patch sets will be limited, and others available now. In either case, contact me, and you could have one or a set of your own! You can contact through email (or Etsy, if you found wakuwakuWorkshoppe through Etsy), I’ll email (or Etsy) you the process, and you can either be added to the queue or have one of the already-made patch sent to you!

If you have any questions about patches on here, just ask~!

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