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Grooving to the content we’re creating? You can leave a tip in the jar to keep it going! Support the art from the kindness of your heart ❤

Tip Jar (Dollar Bills)

Support the Art from the Kindness of Your Heart! Just multiply it by as much or as little as you fancy. || Enjoy what we do, but you’re just passing through? Or, you just want to do what you can to show your support? You can leave a tip in the jar~ It’d mean a lot! Every dollar and every pound can make a huge difference! (For Donations over $4, and to make your support go further, you can take a look at the other incremented jars-- or if you don't want to be bothered, we're just grateful you're here)


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(Most of our viewership/readership/listener-ship is in America, so we set it to American dollars which are less than British pounds. Keep in mind that PayPal takes several dimes for every dollar, but it can’t be helped, and we’re just thankful for your kindness~!)

Support the Art from the Kindness of Your Heart

There are quite a few people who ask where to leave a tip, or 心付け, kokorodzuke,  and usually, we would direct them to Patreonand even though it is definitely a very useful place where we have received one-time gifts that has kept us afloat this far, the format really is geared towards long-term patrons.

So, to answer the need, we’ve created a tip jar page!

Of course, your readership and viewership is of the highest value, and we couldn’t do it without you, but sadly, ad revenue isn’t enough to keep things going. And, we sadly haven’t garnered enough subscribers to monetise our channel after the ad-pocalypse. But, we want to make sure to continue to keep this content free for everyone~! That’s completely free lessons and content for everyone on the planet! You would literally be making that possible. You could take credit for that!!

So, whilst free is free, it doesn’t really cover basic everyday expenses that it costs to actually run the site, create videos, keep the electricity on, and live in the flat. We want to do so much more for you! But, sadly, being an Earthling requires money to live…

But, that being said! If you’re someone who really absolutely can’t spare a rectangle, we understand, but there are lots of free ways to help out! There’s sharing our content, subscribing to the channel, sharing the content, visiting the site often, sharing the content– It really really REALLY helps when you share the content. If no one sees or hears the content, does it even exist? Well, sure, but does it really? Our mission is to share this content with as many people as possible, fulfilling a need and hopefully entertaining in the process, all whilst surviving on Earth.

Soon, there will be a specific storefront for SpeRaToBo, Kiki+Koko: Let’s NihonGO!!, and wakuwakuWorkshoppe, here, where you can purchase items that in-turn help keep the site and everyone afloat. But in the meantime, if you also want to show your support by physically displaying some of the artwork, there’s apparel, prints, stickers, and more from our Redbubble! While only a small percentage goes to us, it’s still very neat. That’s why, if there’s a specific amount you would like to donate with no strings attached, the best way is this page, or for recurring support, there’s Patreon.

Our saying at the end of videos isn’t just a fun rhyme, coincidentally, 心付け, kokorodzukeor gratuity, is heart, and 付け is literally attachment. So, when you leave a tip, you’re giving from your heart so that we can spread that kindness to everyone else who visits SpeRaToBo.

Thank you for supporting the art from the kindness of your heart!
♡Kiki+Koko × Indigo East

Tip♡Jar | Support the Content ♡

Each ‘item’ is a bill (bank note) put into the jar~! So, you can use anything from a one dollar note to a (brilliantly incredible) one-hundred dollar note. We’ll be sure to thank you! Every dollar counts towards making great things happen. 

1 Dollar Jar  5 Dollar Jar  10 Dollar Jar
20 Dollar Jar  50 Dollar Jar  100 Dollar Jar

Thank you for supporting the art from the kindness of your heart!
And, if you can’t, no worries! We’re just glad you’re here~!
♡Kiki+Koko × Indigo East × SpeRaToBo