indigo east elsewhereLook, it’s Indigo East! And she’s on The Internet! Scattered throughout space and time, remnants of Indigo East’s work can be found. Use these links to find Indigo East, see her work, or purchase some fancy merch. Don’t forget that commissions are always open. But, what’s an s6 or a Twitter!? Never fear! Each of the sites and their purpose are listed below so you know what you’re getting into.

1 redbubble logoYou can find Indigo and her work here at this Melbourne based online store. Her designs can be purchased as everything from prints to
apparel. You can find her featured in “Found.”

Design by Hümans
2 dbh logoT-shirts, many styles of upper-body coverings, phone cases, and art prints can be found here with Indigo’s designs adorning them. 

3 s6 logoIndigo’s designs are plentiful here, as well. T-shirts, prints, totes, pillows, blankets, shower curtains, mugs– everything that a design can be shoved onto can be found here, just as on RB. 

wakuwakuWorkshoppe on Etsy
4 www logoHand-crafted plushies are the main product of wakuwakuWorkshoppe by Indigo East. You can message Indigo East throught this site and have any plush custom made for you or a friend. (SpeRaToBo wakuwakuWorkshoppe storefront under construction.

Instagram ( @ieindigoeast
5 instagram logoA place previously for the iPhone equipt, but now available to the majority that are Android users; this site is where you can find her latest artwork to pictures of plushies. There are links to the corresponding products found in the captions, if applicable.

6 tumblr logoTumbling and blogging seem a bit synonymous. You’ll find a few bits of news on features as well as instagram activity, here. But, most importantly, there’s usually information on sales, here!

7 pinterest logoIt’s that place where people pin stuff that interests them. In this case, it’s a place to find a few of Indigo’s works from different sites in one convenient place. Y’know, and a lot of random rubbish.

8 twitter logoSo little characters, so much time… A scrolling line of words, links, and pictures known as “tweets” despite lacking any high pitched sound effects. Indigo’s tweets can be found, here.

11 speraobo youtube logopngHey there! I’m Indigo East; artist, author, musician, and more. SpeRaToBo (Special Lucky Toy Box) is a family friendly channel where I’ll upload art in many forms as well as Japanese learning content. You can see plushies I’ve handmade for my wakuwakuWorkshoppe and hopefully more series to come soon~! Subscribe for more content!(⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡
ハロー!インヂゴ・イーストでございます。アーティストや作者やミュージシャンなどです。 すぺらとぼ(SpecialLuckyToyBox)は色々な形でアートをアップロードしてあげるところチャネルです。私の「わくわくワークショップ」のために手作ったぬいぐるみをごらんさせてあげ、きっともっとシリーズがそろそろ来ます。チャンネル登録していただいてありがとうございます(⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡

 10 voices logoYou can find Indigo East’s voice here! There are demos to sample to see if you’d like her to record a voiceover or be a voice talent for your next project–everything from audiobooks to animation.

9 blurb logoThis place is a magical place of wonder and beauty. It is where you can find Indigo East’s books! You should seriously buy the magazine print copies, though. ‘Magazine’ is a bit of a misnomer. The cover is exactly as thick as the soft-cover and you get these thick, glossed pages and the book turns out bigger.  Premium Magazine print: A book, but better.

12 patreon logopngSupport the Art from the Kindness of your Heart! If you want behind-the-scenes looks, super secret content, fun gifts, and more all whilst supporting the creation of more and even better art and content, as well as other fun projects Indigo East on Patreon is the place for you! There’s a growing selection of music as well. Each patron’s contribution adds towards the goals listed on the goal section of the page. It helps those who want to create things for a wide audience as a sort of public service whilst also being able to fund their efforts But, this explains it much more thoroughly.