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Kiki standing with nameようこそ!! || Welcome!!

ヾ(・ω・*)ノ こんにちにゃあ!Welcome to Kiki+Koko: Let’s NihonGO!! Online brought to you via The Internet. We’re here to teach you Japanese. We’ll teach you how to read and write! We’ll teach you tips and phrases. We’ll teach you grammar and culture! And, most importantly, we’ll relax with handcrafted music—Well, if you’re watching the videos.Koko standing with name

That’s right! You can see us in videos we made! There’s handcrafted original music and fun times… all for YOU! We’ll continue to create videos just for you, but never fear, more content is here~ Here under the gracious host of, we’re creating easily quick-referenced content for those interested in Japanese language and culture. It’s a convenient place where you’ll be able to watch videos, read articles, and enjoy the various content here to support it all!

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Let’s not forget an integral part to the site, our computer friend, Quizbo™, here to test your skills and give consistent sounds of Japanese language— whilst we’re here to exemplify the many variations you’ll hear in everyday Japanese speech from Earth to across the universe. QUIZBO™’s speciality is generating quizzes and trying his best.

Together, we’ve created a Japanese teaching crew the likes of which the planet has yet to see! … Unless you’ve seen us… then… that point would be rendered moot… None-the-less, we’ll be here to help you learn Japanese every step of the way, whether you’re super serious about it, or just want to dabble in it to expand your mind~

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We hope you enjoy the site and look forward to future content!
一緒に日本語を学びましょう! Let’s NihonGO!!

嬉嬉と興子のコーナー!! || Kiki+Koko’s Corners!!

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Culture Corner | with Kiki+Koko
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つづく・・・ || To Be Continued…