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For Absolute Beginners | Japanese Writingmoshed-2019-1-19-6-56-5

Before we get you started learning to read and write, you might be interested in these topics. First, we show you the basics of Japanese writing. Then, we set the facts straight about stroke order. Thirdly, we introduce you to something that technically applies to hiragana as well, but should prepare you for what you’ll need to eventually learn. And, finally, we illustrate how much you can do with just the first five vowels! It’s much more encouraging to know how much you can do with each small step in learning to write in Japanese.

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50音順 |平仮名  ||  Gojuuon-Jun | Hiragana

Learn how to write the first 48 hiragana with us, Kiki+Koko, and our robot computer friend, QUIZBO™, displaying how each hiragana character is written using the latest and most advanced technology we have available to us: arrows. We present to you the full character stroke order as well as what your character will look like at each step of the way so that you can see exactly where you are in the process before completing your beautiful finished hiragana~!

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