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(╭ರᴥ•́)Do you have a refined palate which can only be satisfied with the highest quality handcrafted Internet literature? Do you enjoy dabbling in the cultures of the world? Broadening your horizons? Then, look no further, my perceptive, punctilious pal~ Here you shall be able to immerse yourself in Japanese culture without purchasing an aeroplane ticket or having a holiday. You’ll learn vocabulary and language along the way.

We’ll introduce you to Japanese culture through slightly concrete things like food and holidays or more abstract things such as concepts and systems. Language is more than simply words, it’s important to understand the culture that shapes the usage and formation. Though, for those simply looking to experience different cultures, it’s a good way to understand more about those who inhabit the planet Earth.

Culture Corner | with Kiki+Koko:

Do I really NEED to learn Kanji?  romaji-2019-2-1-17-1-17  romaji-2019-2-1-17-2-8
whatishinamatsuri  inarizushi artwork feature thumbnail by indigo east  Your Questions Answered  
What is Gojuuon order  What is iroha order / iroha poem?  What is Hanami Thumbnail
MOSHED-2019-4-30-22-29-18  MOSHED-2019-5-1-2-33-41  what are honorifics
basic honorifics  What is this magical desu (side a) thumbnail  What is a Copula - Side B desu da etc
What is daifuku mochi - japanese foods kiki and koko  What is Tsukimi  
kiki+koko nihongo- hatsuyume thumbnail

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