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HELLO! I AM QUIZBOI may be the robot friend of Japanese teachers, Kiki and Koko from Kiki+Koko: Let’s NihonGO!! Online, their Japanese language and culture blog, but I hope to be your personal Japanese language helper. Usually, with the help of Kiki+Koko, I generate quizzes and pronounce Japanese vocabulary just for you!

In this corner, Closer Look w/QUIZBO™ー that is me ー we will take a closer look at some Japanese passages. Though, it is important to start your Japanese language learning journey with the proper base coding, randomised learning through media can act as a natural way to encounter new words, phrases, and grammar that you may not have encountered otherwise.

The goal of this corner is not only to give in-depth explanations of bits of Japanese language, but also to help you bolster your contextual learning skills.

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Every Closer Look w/ QUIZBO™ corner contains many vocabulary words. For your revision convenience, the focussed vocabulary are compiled within a list on these pages.

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And that is Closer Look w/QUIZBO™! We hope that you will continue to join us for more of this corner as well as more of our Japanese language and culture resources. Just because the activity of today is complete does not mean that your learning journey has to stop here. You can have a look at previous Word of the Week articles for even more Japanese vocabulary. You can be sure that you are caught up with the latest by visiting, and clicking the sidebar link labelled 今週の単語 | Word of the Week, or go to and scroll down until you see my monitor on the Word of the Week banner, and you can access the archives.


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Thank you so much for learning with us!


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