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🔊Japanese Word(s) of the Week w/ QUIZBO™ | 【誕生日会】+ BONUS:【社会的距離】(+Helpful Hints with Kiki+Koko & お誕生日おめでとう!!)

HELLO! I AM QUIZBO™!I am the computer robot friend of the hosts of Kiki+Koko: Let’s NihonGO!! And, I contribute by creating quizzes and reading Japanese words for you. I welcome you to another Word of the Week Wednesday! This time, it is in honour of two members of SpeRaToBo celebrating a birthday during this rather different point in time. It is our gracious webmaster and host, Indigo East, and supervising manager, Violette, the Scottish terrier. Social distancing did not stop them from celebrating their birthday on the 14th. Violette was able to contact her circle of friends and a puppy party was able to be held virtually, of which there is an image later in the article. However, before reaching that, you may be wondering exactly what is Word of the Week Wednesday?

Long ago, in the summer, during the early days of Kiki+Koko: Let’s NihonGO!!, there was a gap betwixt Monday and Friday lessons left without any learning to be had, other than revision. And, even then, it can be difficult to remember to go back and have a look at previous lessons. And so, Word of the Week Wednesday was created.

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During Word of the Week Wednesday, there is a new word or phrase chosen by myself —and Kiki and Koko—then presented in a way that will provide many learning opportunities for every skill level of Japanese language learner. This Japanese word or phrase is presented with a definition, as well as helpful hints from Kiki and Koko on how to use it. but, that is not all, there is also a sentence or two presented to show how the word can be used. I read these aloud for you, as well, but you can use this as a useful opportunity to practise your reading skills.


The learning does not have to stop, here, though. You can use this as an opportunity to revise previous lessons, or go above and beyond by creating your own sentences. Using the words as often as you can in scenarios that you can apply them to is another way to properly memorise them in a way beyond memorisation, rather learning the words. It may take some time before you are comfortable using the new vocabulary, but with patience and time, you will eventually expand your vocabulary with a natural ability to recall them when you need them. And, we will be there assisting you with that. I will be here any time, day or night, to read these words to you aloud. I will repeat them as many times as you wish, as well. It is my mission.

And, to continue with the mission, it is time for the vocabulary. Kiki and Koko will be joining us in their Helpful Hints segment of this corner to assist in today’s vocabulary.

Without further ado, let us NihonGO!!

Word(s) of the Week:

noun (名詞), suru verb(「名詞+する」の動詞)
1.(noun) birthday party; birthday gathering
2.(verb) to (have/hold/do a) birthday party

jlpt n5 + n3| common word (常用語

Bonus Word(s) of the Week:

noun (名詞)
1. Social distance

common word (常用語+ jlpt n1 common word (常用語

Quick Helpful Hints with Kiki+Koko:
You’ll often see this word paired with とる or 保つ in their respectively proper grammatical form. But, you won’t usually see this as a verb itself like many nouns, even though technically almost anything can be a verb if you want it.

※Helpful Hints with Kiki+Koko

avatar - kiki and koko campers - rustic fairy lights

Photo via @kikikokoNihonGO on Twitter

Hello, there!

We’re Kiki and Koko of Kiki+Koko: Let’s NihonGO!! And, we’re not only here to help with today’s Words of the Week, but also to wish Violette and Indigo: お誕生日おめでとうございます!Even during this difficult time, hopefully there was some fun to be had. We wish everyone some enjoyment on their birthdays during this time. Anyway, today’s words are related to this, as many who are celebrating their birthdays will have to be sure they take precautions of 社会的距離. But, that doesn’t mean there’s no way to have a virtual 誕生日会, and that doesn’t mean that there’s only one way to express these ideas. Even watching Japanese news, you’ll find a lot of words you may find very familiar used.

Something quite interesting is that, as of late, even if there is a Japanese term for something, even in many public documents and speeches, they will be traded out for their English equivalent. But, that’s not to say this would even make the meaning much clearer to English speakers, as the concept of 和製英語, waseieigo—English words that have been reassigned new meanings created in Japan—means that, if the meaning isn’t a common 和製英語, waseieigo, word, then it could be impossible to understand without proper context, and in some cases when used poorly, even in-context for Japanese speakers. However, we did want to mention today’s words that aren’t 和製英語, waseieigo, just transliterated English words that are being used often in the news and in articles.

In this case, we’re referring to ソーシャル・ディスタンシング, soosharu disutanshingu. Though there’s a Japanese term for it, you’ll often see either this or both used. Also, during the old days, before the pandemic, there were バースデイパティー, basudei paatii. Each of these are English transliterations, and can definitely be used, but if there’s a time that an English word feels too obscure, sometimes it’s best to stick with the Japanese word. Other times, there are words that feel obscure in Japanese, and a Japanese word, whether 和製英語, waseieigo, or not, may be more appropriate. Knowing this simply comes with time. 

So, we hope everyone who is still practising 社会的距離, shakaitekikyori, can still have an enjoyable 誕生日会, tanjoubikai, even if it’s alone.  But, even if you’re alone, we’re still here! We’ll be there for you every day of the year, digitally, giving you our best. Be sure to continue to wash your hands, keep calm, stay prepared, and 頑張ってね.

We hope that helps!! Until the next lesson!

Thank you, Kiki and Koko. It is definitely a difficult time for birthdays, but we here hope we can continue to be of company and help to you all, no matter the time of year. And, without further ado, it is time to further assist you with some sentences.

Example Sentences:

The first row is in Japanese with Kanji. The Next row is in hiragana, then romanised using rōmaji with the final row translated into English.

Violette's 2020 Birthday Skype from Quarantine (ieindigoeast)

Even though Violette and her friends are practising social distancing, it doesn’t mean they have to practise emotional distancing. Violette (left) holds her birthday party via videophone with her friends Jupiter (top right) and Bowie (bottom left).

Example #1:

社会的距離を保つべきからといって 距離感があるべきということにはならない。
しゃかいてききょりを たもつべきからといって きょりかんが あるべきということには ならない。
shakaitekikyori wo tamotsu beki kara to itte kyorikan ga aru beki to iu koto ni wa naranai.
Just because you’re supposed to be social distancing doesn’t mean you have to be emotionally distant.

Example #2:

ばいおれっとちゃんの たんじょうびかいに まねかれたの?
bairettochan no tanjoubikai ni manekareta no?
Were you invited to Violette’s birthday party?

Example #3:

ばいおれっとちゃんと ともだちたちは しゃかいてききょりを とっても、てれびでんわで たんじょうびかいが できました。
baiorettochan to tomodachitachi wa shakaitekikyori wo tottemo, terebi denwa de tanjoubikai ga dekimashita.
Even though Violette and her friends were socially distancing, they were able to have a birthday party via video phone.

Japanese Word of the Week (今週の単語)
 🔊Japanese Word(s) of the Week w/ QUIZBO™ | 【頑張る】|(+Quick Culture Corner)

That is all for today! But, maybe you would this was not quite enough vocabulary for you? Would you like even more vocabulary? Well, we have something you may find useful during these trying times: 🔊Japanese Word(s) of the Week w/ QUIZBO™ | 【頑張る】|(+Quick Culture Corner)It may be weeks old, but it is still as fresh as ever. Go on, give it a try. Or, if that is not for you, or you still want more, there are plenty more available on our Word of the Week  page. Or, you can be sure you are caught up with the latest with the sidebar link: 今週の単語 | Word of the Week. These segments alone serve as weeks of material. Share these segments with your friends and family who may be interested in broadening their Japanese vocabulary, that is if you would like to spread the knowledge and show the fun things you are learning with us. Be sure to return often to keep your pronunciation properly in check, as well! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, and we will do our best to assist how we can. We hope to see you at the next lesson!

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Thank you so much for learning with us!

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