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Animated gif retro tv effect, blue retro survival box or kit. Displayed Words: Kiki+Koko Survival Kit Japanese Language Essentials, Kiki and Koko, Let's NihonGO!!'皆様, こんにちにゃあぁ!Welcome to Kiki+Koko: Let’s NihonGO!! Online, delivering fresh, hot Japanese language lessons straight from the oven to your screens. We’ll be your culinary artist and attendant for this lesson, serving you the trendiest and most high scale lexical nosh. But most importantly, we’re your guides to Japanese language and culture, Kiki and Koko! Though we usually create more of a loose and relaxed milieu here to allow you to envision and create your own best environment, we’re going to have to take you to a more traditional learning setting, today. Whether you enjoy it or not, this area holds many important vocabulary words that you’ll encounter quite often inside or out of it. That’s right, we’re going to enter the physical, yet digital, classroom where we’re going to introduce you to essential classroom vocabulary. For this lesson, we’ll start off with an easier pace to give you time to actually imbibe the vocabulary in order to more comfortably access it for future lessons.

So, if you’re learning Japanese, you most likely want to learn as much vocabulary as possible, but we wouldn’t want to overwhelm anyone with more than they can learn in several sittings; However, it’s much more motivating to understand why you’re learning these particular vocabulary words. You see, the more you are exposed to certain vocabulary and the more you’re able to use it, the more likely it becomes that you’ll absorb it and it will become natural for you. As anyone who’s learning Japanese, either those who are learning in a traditional classroom, those who are learning at home at their desk, or those who are curled up on a couch, sitting upside down with their phone in locked-rotation mode, they will most likely encounter these vocabulary words quite often. And, during these times you encounter these objects, it’s important to recall them, or better yet, even have a look at the vocabulary word again if you didn’t quite remember it, yet.  The process usually goes a bit something like this:

    • You see the object;
    • You recall the word, or look it up again from the vocabulary list;
    • then you say it aloud. You can even say it in a sentence to give it more weight in your memory.

We’ll get to some adjectives and verbs you can use alongside these, but for now, you can use what you’ve learnt so far whilst using some of our grammar lessons to form basic sentences. In fact, you’ll definitely benefit from the questions section as you can form questions using these vocabulary words. Of course, learning the perhaps more complex answers you could receive will come with time, but for now, you’ll at least get quite a bit of usage from these. Also, you’ll find the upcoming lessons useful for some of those kinds of answers.

Simple Survival Sentence Study

Again, this lesson will be useful for so much more than simply building important vocabulary, but it will be another great opportunity to practise your grammar and maybe discover some more areas of grammar you may want to revise/review or need to learn in future.


A great way to use these would be opening a separate tab, window, or device where you can reference these to create sentences. Now, onto the vocabulary section~!

But, what would these vocabulary words be without knowing how to pronounce them? That’s why we have with us today, our good computer robot friend and quiz creator extraordinaire, QUIZBO™くん!(The ™ is silent)

quizbo mini ieindigoeast dot com scanlines

Hello, there!僕、 QUIZBO™くんです!名詞を学ぼう!Let’s NihonGO!!

If you remember from previous instalments, this is a portable version, QUIZBO™ Mini, who lives here on the site. He’ll be here to help sound out these vocabulary words for you. You can click the sound ‘bytes’ as many times as you’d like, QUIZBO™ won’t mind. ( Get it, bytes? … Computer?  …We’ll stick to teaching Japanese. )

You can click the 「▶」button as many times as you like, day or night, and he’ll repeat them. Return when these vocabulary words come to mind so that you can keep your pronunciation in check. Though he’s a robot, he’s quite skilled at speaking human language. He’s lovely with tones, as well, and he will read each mora so you can spell it properly in kana.

Are you ready!? Let’s NihonGO!!

Basic Classroom Vocabulary | 基本的な教室の単語


【つくえ tsukue

デスク【ですく desuku


テーブル【てーぶる teeburu


椅子【いす isu

チェア【ちぇあ chiea


鉛筆【えんぴつ enpitsu

Propelling Pencil (🇺🇸Mechanical Pencil)

シャープペンシル【しゃーぷぺんしる shaapu penshiru

This is actually a 和製英語, wasei-eigo term, a concept we’ll cover in future, but basically, it’s an English word, re-purposed for Japanese language usage that doesn’t exactly hold the same meaning as in English. In this case, propelling pencil literally becomes ‘sharp pencil’ which makes a bit of sense considering it is always like a sharp version of a regular pencil when it comes to writing.


ペン【ぺん pen

Ballpoint Pen

ボールペン【ぼーるぺん boorupen


ハイライトマーカー【はいらいとまーかー】hairaito maakaa


クレヨン【くれよん kureyon

Coloured Pencil (🇺🇸Colored Pencil)

色鉛筆【いろえんぴつ iroenpitsu


シール【しーる shiiru

スティッカー【すてぃっかー sutikkaa

Backpack (Rucksack)



A ‘Randsell’ or randoseru is a specific type of backpack with a firm exterior which we’ll definitely cover in a future lesson.

Pencil Case

筆箱【ふでばこ fudebako

筆入れ【ふでいれ fudeire


本【ほん hon

Notebook - Kiki+koko Lets NihonGO Photo

Support your kinaesthetic learning along with even more Japanese language and culture lessons in new and more extravagant formats with this notebook and more with this design available at ieindigoeast.redbubble.com


ノート【のーと nooto

手帳【てちょう techou



Rubber (🇺🇸Eraser)

消しゴム【けしごむ keshigomu

It seems that’s the whole of the vocabulary words we’ll cover during this lesson! We don’t want to give you so many words that it becomes too many to keep track of and too many to memorise. But, no worries, this is just SIDE A of this class-y mixtape. In the meantime, there are some particles you can practise with these. In fact, you can always leave your sentences in the comments below~! No worries if you make a mistake, that’s part of learning. And, you won’t know until you try.

This is also a useful opportunity to practise reading and writing skills. Quite a bit of these hiragana can be found in our previous Reading and Writing lessons. In future, we’ll continue to cover all of the characters you’ll need in order to reach your Japanese language goals~! You can have a look to refresh your memory, or you can do your best to go at your own pace. Remember, this is an entirely different writing system, so be patient with yourself, and celebrate each milestone. We’ve been sure to pace the lessons to be sure that it’s not too much of a rush if you’ve been with us since the beginning. However, if you’re just joining now, don’t feel as though you’re behind. You can still check in on current lessons whilst returning to previous ones.

But, maybe you already had been following the lessons since the beginning, but couldn’t catch the latest because you may have lost track of the days of the week or you didn’t get to see when our content is usually, posted, or maybe you just want to start staying in the know, never missing out on anything again as of this moment forward! Stay up to date without even having to look at the calendar by subscribing to the Electronic Mailing List of Tomorrow, today, found usually at the bottom of the site page or the sidebar on desktop. You’ll get the latest tools and resources to surviving in Japanese language in straight to your inbox. That’s articles, videos, podcasts, and more.

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Grooving to the content we’re creating? You can leave a TIP in the TIP♡JAR  to keep it going! 
(Can’t? No worries! The content is free for everyone! We’re just glad you’re here!! Bring friends if you like~!)

Speaking of which, we want to continue to ensure your steps to success in your Japanese language learning goals, whether you want to just learn a bit for fun or become fluent. You can allow us to fulfil our goals of living out our mission to teach Japanese language and culture to Earthlings—whilst living in proper shelter with warmth at the mercy of advertisers— as well as ensure the continuation of the creation of new and even better content by leaving a TIP in the TIP♡JAR to keep it going. But! You can also support the content when you purchase any artwork from ieindigoeast.redbubble.com (making sure to use our special redbubble link). But, if there’s something that isn’t from our theme, you can always drop Indigo East a ‘Bubblemail’ if you want to specify that you would like it to go towards this content. Or for long or even short term contributions, you can join our Patreon where our gracious host, Indigo East, usually posts behind-the-scenes, sneak-peeks, exclusive content, and more. And, we join in as well! Again, if you’d like to support  our survival and the creation of more content to be made available to as many people as possible, you can also share the content! You can easily share via Twitter and Pinterest where you can retweet and repin respectively without even having to type! Gestures like that go a long way, and we appreciate it. We just want to do our best to fulfil our mission.

Thank you for joining us! We hope that you continue with us on this adventure, and we appreciate that you’ve chosen us to assist you on your Japanese learning journey.


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