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(Full Title: 🔊I Want to Tell You | Focus: 出身はどこですか? Where are you from?| Earth Countries in Japanese | Australia + Oceania | | Basic Answers (First Meeting) | 基本的な答え (初対面) || Kiki+Koko: Let’s NihonGO!! Japanese Language Learning Essentials )



 皆様みんなさま、こんにちにゃあぁ!Welcome to Kiki+Koko: Let’s NihonGO!! Online! We’re your personal globe-trotters, your guides to the world, your hosts and teachers of Japanese language, Kiki and Koko! Wow, we should take a step back for a moment to let it sink in. This is the last countries we’ll be visiting in this series. Sure, we could have listed a few of the more basic textbook countries that get all of the attention, but that wouldn’t have been very cordial! We’re here to spread language skills and cultural knowledge to the whole of the Earth!!


The whole purpose of this journey began with our lesson on making Japanese interrogative sentences. We gave you some basic Japanese question words called 疑問詞, gimonshi, introducing you to the ones most similar to the English ones you may already be familiar with. Even still, they function so differently in comparison to the English Who, What, Where, When, and Why, that it took quite a a lengthy series of articles and examples to truly give you an in-depth look, which was oddly an essential look! Every essential function isn’t always so explicit or precise. But, for those looking for the basic quick and short of it, we provided you with a great basis of 11 useful questions for you to use for your first meeting—as many of the basic questions you may ask at a later date may be a bit strange, unless it’s simply someone you haven’t gotten to know very well, of course. And, finally, the springboard of this journey, the question that purchased the tickets and helped us board the aeroplane around the world: 出身はどこですか? Where are you from? But, we didn’t stop there. This included where you’d like to travel in the world, as well, and with the help of QUIZBO™, we even told you how to say it. However, questions without answers are useless. That’s why, this lesson, we’re completing the rest of the possible answers for you students across the globe. Everyone will now have the opportunity to answer where they’re from or where they want to go! And, for this one, we’re going down under, as every piece of written literature speaking of Australia is required by law to say, and island hopping in Oceania!


Perhaps, some of you well-meaning but less informed friends rose up, questioning: how this could be the last lesson when Antarctica is left? To which we would send our apologies to Antarctica, and state that not only is it a bit too 寒い to travel, but it surprisingly has no countries to list. We can’t assign countries to it as a gift, but we wish we could. In which other case we would also like to say sorry to Australia. We wish your continent could have its own article to itself, but as you already know, Australia is apparently so revolutionary that it’s both a continent and a country. But, instead, we’ve paired Australia with its sprawling family of Oceania! Scattered throughout the Pacific Ocean, the islands aren’t quite able to be classified as a continent, along with Australia with its own technicalities, but they’re a vast and culturally rich group of lands. And, everyone deserves to be able to know what their country’s name is in Japanese! That’s probably a human right? Probably not, but we’re making it one, now. All Earthlings deserve to know!

However, you also deserve to know enough to really make use of this and the previous lessons! We covered quite a bit, and without the previous know-how, this will simply be a list of vocabulary words. But, we want to provide more than just a list of vocabulary words. We want to provide all of the tools you need to store in your Japanese Language Essentials Kit. Simply memorising vocabulary words may not appeal to everyone, but it will assist you in feeling as though it was a fulfilling use of your time if you can pair it with some real-world language skills. And, of course, out in the wilderness, you’ll encounter people mentioning these countries. It’s a great perk of learning Japanese. There are so many people from around the globe that you may get the chance to meet with this similar interest. But, we digress—the point is, we have a few lessons to get you set up and on your way. They concern particles, pronouns, basic question words, and making a basic sentence. We’re here for casual learners, beginners, and those looking to be scholars. We provide the tools and you can decide how you want to use them. That’s why we provide enough tools for you to fend for yourself. But no worries, we’ll always be right there with you on your journey, your guides to Japanese language and culture. 

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Alright! Now that you’ve taken a moment to either read and listen to these lessons for the first time, review / revise them, or simply scroll down because you’re an absolute madlad who thinks they don’t need any of that, then welcome back! But, madlads, do reconsider, it will really enrich your experience. But, hey, we can’t stop you, we’re not the learning police. You just relax and do what you need to in order to learn your way.

Quick Introduction

Previous Related Question and Answers (+Countries):

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In these previous lessons, you can learn how to ask questions like: Where are you from? What country are you from? Which country are you from? and Which country do you come from? Be sure to go to the ‘Countries of Asia’ lesson for the latter four. For Where do you want to go? Where do you plan to travel?  and Where have you travelled? along with answers to these questions, you can go to ‘Countries of Europe’. You can get how to make demonyms and identify languages by going to ‘Countries of North America’. We’re looming over the glove with QUIZBO™ holding a second globe in that thumbnail, in case you miss it. Travelling the world for answers is only a click or tap away. You can simply leave them open in another window or on a mobile device or tablet. And, as not to repeat too much from the previous lessons, we think it may be safe to simply carry on with the countries~!

Basic Answers: Where are you from?
| 基本的な答え: 「出身は どこですか。」

Countries | 国々

If you’re just looking for one specific country, or you’re revising/reviewing, you can use ‘ctrl+f’ on your keyboard on PC to open the finder, then type in the country name in English, or on mobile, open the ‘find in page’ on your respective browser options. Also, we’ll be sure to list these countries/territories by region. 



濠太剌利 ( オーストラリア)【おーすとらりあ】oosutoraria

(There you go, Australia! You may not have your own article as a continent, but you have your own section.)


Cook Islands

クック諸島【くっくしょとう kukku shotou


フィジー【ふぃじー fijii


ミクロネシア【みくろねしあ mikuroneshia



Marshall Islands

マーシャル諸島【まーしゃるしょとうmaasharu shotou


 ナウル【なうる nauru



New Zealand

新西蘭 (ニュージーランド)【にゅーじーらんど nyuujiirando

Papua New Guinea

パプアニューギニア【ぱらぐあいpapua nyuu ginia


パラオ【ぱらお parao

Solomon Islands

ソロモン諸島【そろもんしょとう soromonshotou




 ツバル【つばる tsubaru


バヌアツ【ばぬあつ banuatsu



American Samoa

米領サモア【あめりかりょうさもあ amerikaryou samoa


ココス諸島【ここすしょとう kokosu shotou

Christmas Island

クリスマス島【くりすますとう kurishimasutou



Papua and West Papua


Northern Mariana Islands

北マリアナ諸島【きたまりあなしょとう kitamariana shotou

New Caledonia


Norfolk Island

ノーフォーク島【のーふぉーくとう】 noofookutou

French Polynesia

仏領ポリネシア【ふらんすりょうぽりねしあfuransuryou porineshia

Pitcairn Islands

ピトケアン諸島【ぴとけあんしょとう pitokean shotou


トケラウ【とけらう tokerau



(geographically part of Oceania)

Wallis Futuna

ウォリス・フツナ【うぉりす・ふつな uorisu futsuna

Wake Island

ウェーク島【うぇーくとう ueekutou

Johnston Atoll

ジョンストン島【じょんすとんとう jonsutontou

Midway Atoll

ミッドウェー島【みっどうぇーとう middoueetou

And so, our trip around the world as come to an end. But, no worries, you can go on the trip as many times as you like! Simply return to previous lessons and resources as many times as you wish, and any day will be like an international excursion. Also, if there are any countries that newly form or ones that were missed due to the vast number of countries we’ve covered, then be sure to leave us a comment, and we’ll update the list. We would hate to miss anyone’s country and make anyone feel left out. We do hope that in future, we’ll be able to add sound bites as well, but the current amount of memory that QUIZBO™ and our website holds wouldn’t allow for it. But, with your help, we may be able to! The site is coming up for renewal the month that we uploaded this, and there is an option to upgrade the allotted space.

We want to be able to provide the best resources that we can to the entire world! Every country listed deserves to be able to learn Japanese for free, but we definitely don’t live in a world that runs on fairy dust and rainbows, it runs on that dirty, dirty word that one must never mention… money. Scary stuff. We’ve provided and want to continue providing new and even better content for years to come! By supporting the site, you’re paying it forward to make the opportunity to learn for free available to everyone on planet Earth… well, everyone with access to the internet or a computer, but in future, we’ll try to solve that extra step, as well. But, to make it plain, we’re supported by viewers like you. It just takes a little from many people or a lot from a few people! If everyone who currently visited the website joined our Patreon  for $2 USD, we could run for an entire month with even more video and audio content! That’s if everyone were able to donate. In future, we really hope that we’re able to grow into something that can help out even beyond our mission, perhaps even helping others in their missions to help other charitable organisations. But, for now, we’re donating our lessons and resources to the world, and we’d love if you could support us in our goal. But, if you’re not able to support with your milk money, there’s still something you can do that may go even further: sharing the content! Sharing with your friends and family, or enemies and strangers really helps out a lot. As independent creators, we can use all the help we can get to spread the learning. And, hey, if you have more people learning with you, you can practise with them, as well, so you become the winner in that situation, including the furthering of content available to you.

We hope that we’ve continued to be a useful source for your Japanese studies. We want to be there for you in your Japanese language learning journey for years to come. Your support helps others just like you who also want to continue to keep these educational tools available to everyone. Perhaps during your busy week, you may forget which day it is. By subscribing to the Electronic Mailing List of Tomorrow, today, found usually at the bottom of the site page or the sidebar on desktop, you won’t have to remember what day of the week it is! You’ll get the latest tools and resources to surviving in Japanese language in straight to your inbox. That’s articles, videos, podcasts, and more.

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