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*Country / Postal Code:

No worries, we’ll keep it confidential. We’re currently based in the continental United States, so this is to account for possible overseas shipping which may affect the size of item you want based on weight. Though, if your heart is set on a heavier or larger item, then balloon rates shouldn’t get in your way. We wish we could hand deliver them to every country for free, but without a TARDIS, we have to rely on the United States Postal Service.

*Size range

You may want to check the FAQ section below for more information, but size is usually always tied to price. Usually, this is a way you can can cut back on price to a point. If something is very intricate, or has a decent amount of detail, making it smaller can make it take more time and effort, or tiny pieces may not be physically possible. It reaches a sort of equilibrium, and it’s something that is taken into account on a case-by-case basis.

*Price range

Sometimes, the heart wants what the heart wants, but other times, you may have a budget. Even if money is no object in making your dreams come true, it’s always good to start with a price range. Of course, there are times it’s impossible to fit within certain budgets, but it’s meant to sort of see what you’re looking for. Maybe you want something simple with only a couple of colours and fleece fabric, or maybe you want something very detailed with several colours and several types of fabric.

Also, you may want to refer to the country and postal code, because non-United States shipping for small boxes rarely ranges under $26.05 USD even to Canada. (We wish it weren’t so, but think of it as purchasing an aeroplane ticket for your order.) Usually, shipping for within the United States ranges from $16.00 USD for small boxes. Envelopes for flat items like embroidered patches are much less, though. Definitely look to items of similar weights for this.

Important Message:

A message concerning conventions and COVID-19 from wakuwakuWorkshoppe: Hello, patrons and supporters of wakuwakuWorkshoppe, It is always a highlight to be able to connect directly with all of you from across the world during conventions. It gives a chance to see your smiling faces, hear your kind words, and reminds us to continue doing our best for you. With the worldwide crisis that is COVID-19, from early 2020, appearances and availability at conventions, art walks, and other gatherings are suspended due to the cancellation of the events, government mandated lockdowns, and of course, public health concerns. These cancellations have extended through the summer months, and we are unsure when we will be able to meet with all of you again. Though supplies for commissions are limited due to limitations of materials from our suppliers, we will continue to do our best to do what we can during this uncertain time for everyone. We appreciate everyone who continues to support usーit means everything to keep the dream alive until after this international nightmare that for many micro and small businesses may leave them unable to recover. All we can do is continue to do our best. We wish you happiness and safety. Thank you all so much for everything. Here’s holding on for the future, no matter how uncertain it may be. Indigo East (wakuwakuWorkshoppe)


All policies from the wakuwakuWorkshoppe on Etsy are applicable here. Your information such as shipping through PayPal or email address won’t be used for anything but the intended purpose of contacting you about your order Because of the nature of commissions, we can’t provide refunds. For that reason, we usually accept payment when your commission is actually beginning.

Shop policies (Jan 2020)

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are custom plushies?

Over the years, there have been so many different sizes and types of plushies with varying detail that flat fees never seem to adjust to every scenario. Prices are based on your budget, materials, complexity, and size. By providing an image of what you’d like the plush to be based on along with your budget can help to decide on the best options such as fleece or minky, complex details or simplification, large or small, etc.

So the most basic of exchanges equivocates to: “I’ve got about £XX and I want my kitty OC to be plushed. What can you do?” Then, I’d look at the images and provide the size and fabric combinations I can provide whilst considering shipping costs– it also allows you to see if you want more.

How long will it take for my custom order to get to me?

For premade plushies that are already in the storefront, it usually takes one to two business days to prepare for shipment, and from then, it all depends on where you live for the shipping time. As times have changed, and the queue stays at a steady length, it is always a bit difficult to say when it comes to custom plushies. But, usually, it takes two weeks once your turn in queue arrives. If it is extremely complicated or there is a high volume of custom order requests, your order may take a few days longer to complete. But, it’s usually standard to wait about 2-3 weeks to get a finished preview of your item.

Rush shipping is available, but a bit costly as the postal service controls the rates– but useful if you’re in a bind.

I want a custom plushie from wakuwakuWorkshoppe. What do I do?

The first step is to make contact with me here or on Etsy. With this, please provide an image of what you’d like the plush to be based on. Prices are based on your budget, materials, complexity, and size. Once the price is set and your turn in queue arrives, a reserved listing would be posted in the storefront for you. Then, simply purchase the listing as if it were a made-to-order plush. I provide updates for major milestones. Once the plush is finished, I provide photographs as a preview and then the plush is sent on its journey by post to you~!

During this busy time, there is usually a queue for plushies because there are only so many plushies I can sew at once I suppose~ (Thank you for your patience, everyone!! I always appreciate it! )

What do I do if there IS a queue for custom orders?

When the queue is short and it doesn’t affect production time of your commission, I usually don’t mention the current queue. However, if there are several plushies in the queue that would not allow for your plush to be finished within the allotted production time, I’ll let you know when you contact me. Queues are usually first-come-first-serve, but I try my best with deadlines and try to be fair to everyone~

But, no worries! A queue just means that you might have to wait a bit before your reserved listing is posted for purchase. But, if you have a deadline, again, just mention it, and I can work something out on a case-to-case basis whilst still being fair to the queue.

Where can I see the queue, a.k.a. the waiting list?

It’s available for everyone to see here: ( ) But, it’s moving to the site.

Commissions are always open to save your place~ It stays pretty busy around here, but I do my best to get to everyone~!

Where can I see what plushies are being restocked or what’s coming soon to wakuwakuWorkshoppe?

It’s also available to see at : ( ) But, it’s moving to the site.
If there’s a plush that’s been out of stock a while, then feel free to contact me to see if it’s in the process of being restocked or if you’d like to make a custom order of it~!