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Make Contact with Kiki+Koko!

Have a question you’d like featured on the next YQA (Your Questions Answered) segment? Or, maybe a question that you’d love to see/hear/read in the next Kiki+Koko: Let’s NihonGO!! video, podcast, or article? Or, maybe there’s something you think would make Kiki+Koko: Let’s NihonGO!! even better? Then, this is the form for you! We can’t wait to hear from you.


What is Kiki+Koko: Let’s NihonGO!!?

ーAnd, who are Kiki+Koko?

♡Kiki+Koko™ | Japanese Teaching Twins living on Planet Earth
|📷@ieindigoeast |

For a full analysis of the nature of this series, you can visit the Kiki+Koko: Let’s NihonGO!! Online Homepage. But, simply put, they’re here to teach you Japanese. They’ll teach you how to read and write! They’ll teach you tips and phrases. They’ll teach you grammar and culture! But, more importantly, who are Kiki and Koko?

Kiki and Koko, (嬉嬉+興子), describe themselves as ‘twin Japanese teachers trying to spread some lo-fi chill on planet Earth.’ As contributors to, they do their best to explain Japanese language and culture from their unique perspective, understanding the differences and similarities in language and culture around the Earth. However, the edutainment doesn’t end here. Though the ever-growing library of Japanese language and culture articles, lessons, quizzes, videos, podcasts, and more will continue to be their top priority, you’ll be able to find materials that may still be educational incidentally, but acts as more of an after-school bit of entertainment for all ages. And, this is referring to their secondary personal blog: ♡Kiki+Koko™.

We regularly contribute to the Japanese language and culture blog at ieindigoeast dot com. But, [there], it’s a holiday where we’ll expand on even broader topics from fun to fashion, or entertainment to everyday life,‘ they explain as they quip, ‘But, don’t forget your Kiki+Koko: Let’s NihonGO!! 夏休みの友 for bilingual bonuses.‘ The 夏休みの友, which is explained in a Word of the Week segment with their robot computer friend QUIZBO™.

With time, articles, lessons, videos, podcasts, and more, you’ll hopefully get to know Kiki+Koko, their friend, QUIZBO™, and everyone else from SpeRaToBo and Kiki+Koko: Let’s NihonGO!!.

What is ‘Your Questions Answered’?

Your Questions Answered ‘Your Questions Answered’ is a segment from Kiki+Koko: Let’s NihonGO!! Online  which answers questions submitted by students and visitors of the virtual and real-world classroom. Though many questions end up being answered through segments that are being written or have already been created, there are some very specific questions that may be novel or relatable enough to many other students that part of a lesson or the entirety of a lesson may be dedicated to it. Nothing is too complex and nothing is too simple! The only barring may occur if the verbiage or subject matter isn’t all-age appropriate. But, it really depends on if it’s something very important or essential to know. Either way, if it’s important to know, they’re pretty good at making it all-age appropriate. We’ll just have it go through our screeners, first, of course.

So, if you have a simple question you think others may have about Japanese culture or language, and it’s a bit to explain, or you’d like credit, you can submit it here in the form above. Or, if you’d just like others to benefit from it, you can submit it via social media. Many topics are usually already on the docket for lessons, but if it’s something so novel that it hasn’t been planned, then it would make a perfect Your Questions Answered topic.

@kikikokoNihonGO on Twitter @kikikokoNihonGOonline on Pinterest  @kikiandkokoletsnihongo on Instagram @kikikokonihongo on Tumblr

Most realistically, Twitter is useful for short answers, and the others act as good ways to bookmark articles such as Pinterest or Tumblr. Anyway, we all look forward to hearing from you!

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