New Beginnings | ♡Kiki || Everyday Kiki+Koko | 日常の嬉嬉+興子 |♡Kiki+Koko™

New Beginnings | 新たな始まり || ♡Kiki | ♡嬉嬉

ハロー、エブリにゃん!嬉嬉ちゃんです!Hello, every-nyan! It’s Kiki-chan!°˖✧◝(๑^ω^๑)◜✧˖°

I hope you’re having a wonderful day! And if not, there’s always another chance for happiness tomorrow or any day.

Usually, I create Japanese lessons with my twin sister, Koko, but this blog is an opportunity for each of us to write things that are completely our own.

We have been extremely busy working on various projects with our producer. There have been many technical issuesーtoo many to expound upon in this format. However, this has not dampened our fervour! ᕙ(ಠ ਊ ಠ)ᕗ We are more motivated than ever to complete many of these projects to present to you all!!

☃七転び八起き!!!! (Nanakorobi yaoki!) Falling seven times, getting up eight!!!!

Computer robot helper, QUIZBO™, sits on a decorated desk meant for study. On the desk, there is a lamp. books, an orange plant, a tablet, and a keyboard. To the upper left is a lucky red lantern, and to the centre are pinned papers. The text reads: 「こちらはコンピュータロボットの友達のQUIZBO™くんです。勉強を手伝いするのが大好きです!」「♡嬉嬉」from ♡Kiki+Koko™ on ieindigoeast.com.
「♡嬉嬉」from ♡Kiki+Koko™ on ieindigoeast.com

Speaking of Japanese language: I was talking with our computer robot friend, QUIZBO™, about some ideas for the ♡Kiki+Koko™ blog on which we are also currently working. And, he asked,「すべて日本語で書かれるつもり?」meaning, ‘Do you plan to have it all written in Japanese?’

And, this question stuck with me… σ(´ ^ ` ๑).。oஇ

When creating this, we didn’t want to alienate any Earthlings by writing it completely in Japanese, as translation from Japanese can be very unreliable, and many Earthlings are only learning Japanese language. We wanted to talk about things adjacent to Japanese language and culture and our daily lives that did not quite fit into lessons. Extraneous writing can be fun, but extra text can be distracting if we aren’t using it to give you helpful hints and encouragements.

However, it did seem like a missed opportunity to provide something for more intermediate Japanese language learners. I spoke with Koko, who asked if we would have to translate it. (We love translating, but obviously, writing each blog post twice might be a bit much when we have so much else on which we are working.) And, so, we thought it over, and decided maybe we can try to keep it simple so that it’s not too high of a threshold to step over for readers, yet still enjoyable for more advanced learners to simply have the experience of reading exclusive Japanese updates but with a few advanced pieces in order to inspire learning for every level.

A vintage peach typewriter on a marble tabletop, presumably being typed on by Japanese teacher, Kiki or Koko. A journal entry is being typed onto parchment whilst the logo for ♡Kiki+Koko™, Japanese Teaching Twins living on Planet Earth. To the left is a miniature globe, sushi, and a notebook. To the other side is tea, books, and more sushi. In the lower right hand corner, you can see a recursive image on the smart phone, monitoring the camera image.

So! After brainstorming, the consensus was a sort of everyday life on Earth travelogue. ♡嬉嬉+興子の紀行文! ♡Kiki+Koko™ no kikoubun! The ♡Kiki+Koko™ Travelogue.

Basically, once in a while, each of us will write a quick diary entry in Japanese! We’ll try our best to keep it simple, but hopefully not so simple that it loses anything. Either way, it will be fun to relax typing in Japanese. It’s surprising how much English you use teaching Japanese!

We hope you will enjoy! (´∩。• ᵕ •。∩`)

We are continuously working on new content for both ♡Kiki+Koko™ and Kiki+Koko: Let’s NihonGO!! ╭(òωó)و ̑̑ Video editing is happening, scripts are being written, pencils sharpened, photos being snapped, more chill music being created! It takes time, but I hope you will all look forward to it.⸜( ´ ꒳ ` )⸝

And, do not worry! Koko and I will continue to share our language learning journeys very soon with notes, commentary, and more! We have many plans for this blog!

I look forward to sharing more of our journey and experiences on planet Earth, and I wish you every kind of happiness along the way.



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