YouTube Premieres: Space Oddity || KiKi+KoKo LiVE


‘The Space Oddity cover by Japanese-language teachers you didn’t realise you needed to see…’

On SpeRaToBo, the Japanese language teaching duo, Kiki and Koko Kawasawa, debuted what’s been described as a performance full of heart, soul, and twinkling stars. While you’ll usually see these two explaining the workings of the Japanese writing system or carefully enunciating for Japanese language learning beginners, in this premiere, we see them showing off another aspect of what they love.

Indigo East, the producer of this premiere, had this to say on her Instagram:

David Bowie (Mister David Jones) has been an wonderful inspiration that I’ve been lucky to have. He taught me that you can do whatever strange thing you out your mind to and that there will be other lovely strange people to enjoy it with you. He inspired me to learn guitar and to give my best in everything. #davidbowieforever

Before the broadcast, the Kawasawa twins held a quick pre-broadcast vlog-style mini-interview for subscribers and viewers alike to catch up on the Autumn Project, which had garnered quite a bit of attention in the way of posts from the related Patreon page — leaving clues (which are still available to view on Patreon) as to what the autumn project they had been working on was about.

We both really love the work of Mister David Jones and just wanted… to show what we enjoy… -Koko Kawasawa

When interviewed after the performance, KiKi and KoKo both confirmed that there will be many more Japanese teaching videos to be released in future as well as some other special projects that they aren’t going to reveal at the moment.

We’re looking to create some new ways of helping people around the world learn and practise Japanese language, mused Kiki, but we also want to build a connection with the people we’re teaching, so we’ll definitely try to add in more ‘extracurricular’ projects like these in future.

And, as for Koko’s hair, (an obviously important and pressing matter) she revealed that she plans to dye it back to its original colour for the continuity of the teaching series if it doesn’t fully wash out. We personally love the look she’s been sporting since August, according to their Patreon clues, but hair dye isn’t forever.

Will there be more vlogs? Will they perform more songs? Is there Life on Mars? Only time will tell what sort of projects they’ll have in store. But, for now, you can subscribe and hit the notification bell on YouTube to see what’s in store. As for this reporter, I’m sitting back and enjoying the replay of the Space Oddity cover by Japanese-language teachers we didn’t realise we needed to see.

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Space Oddity || Kiki + Koko LiVE || Official Live Performance Broadcast
____________________Video Description____________________

『Broadcasting live from their room at an unknown location, KiKi and KoKo perform a cover of the wonderful David Bowie’s 「Space Oddity」 for your entertainment. Please enjoy! 』http://bit.ly/iePatreon Support the art from the kindness of your heart ↓ SHOW MORE↓

[Kiki] こんにちにゃあ(´・ω・)ノ We’re stepping through the door! And we’re floating in a most peculiar way with our freshly broadcasted performance of Space Oddity ready for your enjoyment!

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All Video and some Music Credits attributed to Indigo East, Original song by David Bowie.


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