A Shiny, New, Japanese & English Children’s Book by Indigo East


If you haven’t met this curious, sushi-loving kitty, then it’s time you pick up this book: Sushi Chef Neko: Snow Shodou which is available in Premium Magazine PrintHard and Soft Cover, and E-Book. Indigo’s favourite print is surprising, however. Out of all of the prints, the Premium Magazine offers a large format with thick, coated pages and a cover as thick as the soft-cover version. But, whichever format you choose is up to you.

About Sushi Chef Neko: Snow Shodou:

“Anzu and Junpei, snowed into their rooms, seem almost as if they have nothing to do. But, with talk of ink, in the blink of an eye, can a cat learn calligraphy? He won’t know if he doesn’t try!

Snow Shodou is the next book in the Sushi Chef Neko series by Indigo East. This book introduces Japanese vocabulary words in a fun way that anyone from children to adults can enjoy using loveable characters, visually compelling artwork, lighthearted storytelling, and integrated Japanese writing while introducing readers to the art of Japanese calligraphy.

This book includes educational supplementary reading materials and activities with even more artwork! This material introduces how Japanese is written and spoken along with useful phrases and a picture dictionary of vocabulary from the book.Readers can write kanji with stroke-guided activities. And,there are invaluable kana charts of 146 characters total, including wi, we, and dakuten/handakuten.”

moshed-2019-1-15-4-33-8Indigo is a strong advocate for learning a second or third language, but also hoped to cater to the casual reader as well with bite-size Japanese words in the book. The first book was completely bilingual as a teaching tool for both Japanese and English speakers. In Snow Shodou, or literally snow calligraphy, readers are introduced to Japanese calligraphy and vocabulary. The book also lives up to its name by teaching several kanji. All in all, this book should promote an interest for language and art as well as keeping children and adults enamoured by this curious, little, yellow kitty.

moshed-2019-1-15-4-29-23“It’s quite exciting to be able to share another book with the world. You can impress your friends by learning a few kanji from this book as a child, teen, or adult. And, hey, even if you don’t plan on becoming fluent in Japanese, it’s a book that you and/or any children you know will hopefully love to read for the artwork and characters. I designed it for a wide audience. If you love kitties, art, calligraphy, reading, breathing, or living, then I am sure you’ll enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed making it.” 

Be sure to check out the first book on Blurb and the iBookstore and her other artwork at places like Redbubble, Design by Humans, and Society6.



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