Tip♡Jar | Fifty Dollar Bills

Tip Jar (Fifty Dollar Bills)

(aka, an American $50 Bank Note) Support the Art from the Kindness of Your Heart!! Just multiply it by as much or as little as you fancy. || You’re more than just interested in what we’re doing, you live and breath it, or at least want to support others who do; You want to be an EVEN BIGGER part of it? You can be a hero just for a couple of days! This gives us all of the tools we need to craft more articles, artwork, videos, and more! You'll keep the lights on, our coffee cups full, and the content flowing.


Tip♡Jar| Other Increments

Each ‘item’ is a bill (bank note) put into the jar~! So, you can use anything from a one dollar note to a (brilliantly incredible) one-hundred dollar note. We’ll be sure to thank you! Every dollar counts towards making great things happen.

1 Dollar Jar  5 Dollar Jar  10 Dollar Jar
20 Dollar Jar  50 Dollar Jar  100 Dollar Jar

Thank you so much for supporting the art from the kindness of your heart ❤