Tip♡Jar | Twenty Dollar Bills

Tip Jar (Twenty Dollar Bills)

(aka, an American $20 Bank Note) Support the Art from the Kindness of Your Heart!! Just multiply it by as much or as little as you fancy. || You’re interested in what we’re doing, want to be an even BIGGER part of it? You can be a hero just for one day, giving us the tools we need to craft more articles, artwork, videos, and more!


Tip♡Jar| Other Increments

Each ‘item’ is a bill (bank note) put into the jar~! So, you can use anything from a one dollar note to a (brilliantly incredible) one-hundred dollar note. We’ll be sure to thank you! Every dollar counts towards making great things happen.

1 Dollar Jar  5 Dollar Jar  10 Dollar Jar
20 Dollar Jar  50 Dollar Jar  100 Dollar Jar

Thank you so much for supporting the art from the kindness of your heart ❤