Tip♡Jar | One-Hundred Dollar Bills

Tip Jar (One-Hundred Dollar Bills)

(aka, an American $100 Bank Note) Support the Art from the Kindness of Your Heart!! Just multiply it by as much or as little as you fancy. || You’re here to save the farm, rescue the rec centre where the youths play, deliver the life-saving survival pack. You can count yourself as an honorary member of the SpeRaToBo Team, right there with Kiki, Koko, QUIZBO™, and Indigo. If you want to be mentioned or featured anywhere on the site, we would be honoured! Of course, the point is to use it to put more time and work into what we do here, but you’ll have to be thanked for the hero that you are. You can stay anonymous if you’re more comfortable that way, as well, but we’ll still thank you personally!! And, if you'd rather stay in the shadows, we also respect that, and will thank you from our hearts.


Tip♡Jar| Other Increments

Each ‘item’ is a bill (bank note) put into the jar~! So, you can use anything from a one dollar note to a (brilliantly incredible) one-hundred dollar note. We’ll be sure to thank you! Every dollar counts towards making great things happen.

1 Dollar Jar  5 Dollar Jar  10 Dollar Jar
20 Dollar Jar  50 Dollar Jar  100 Dollar Jar

Thank you so much for supporting the art from the kindness of your heart ❤