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Koko’s Favourites of 2019:

moshed-2019-1-19-6-25-56‘Hello, it’s Koko, here, with a top five list. It’s completely impossible for me to choose just a few favourites from all of the work we’ve done this year. Each lesson has been a labour of love, whether it’s a a vocabulary list, grammar lessons, or a flashcard set. Everything takes a lot of effort and care, and it would feel wrong to single an entire year of work down into just five works. That being said, I guess we’re doing this, so I’ve forced myself to choose five, not in any particular order.’


This article really seemed to concisely capture the essence of hanami in a way that, I feel as though I may naively say, gives you an open doorway to Japanese culture as well as the general mindset that drives a lot of the values. Though every individual is different, culture is something that is very broad. And, I just think it was very poignantly written for its length, if I have to say. Kiki took a lot of the initiative on this one, and I thought it was an interesting take. Again, it’s a broad brush, but if you want an introduction of a lot of the driving force between the mentality of Japanese culture, it’ll be useful, at least from our perspective.’

A once in a lifetime experience, I would call this. We had only done evergreen content before this, and it was something that at least broke into a new area whilst feeling we were somewhat a part of the new era. It’s so interesting to think we started at the cusp of the 10s into the 20s, as well as the cusp of the Heisei into the Reiwa.’

Another once in a lifetime event despite ocurring every year. I always want to be sure to appreciate moments such as the tsukimi matsuri. It truly makes you feel like you’re an Earthling as it doesn’t matter where you are on Earth, you’re looking at the same moon that everyone on the planet will see.’

Being a part of the visualiser was quite an experience in itself, but the experiences surrounding it made it lucky it ever was uploaded. Our computer was on an automatic repair loop and even Kiki couldn’t mend it. It was quite the time going from computer to computer, trying to still work on articles and lessons. It really reinforced the meaning behind it all, 「I’ve been trying so hard, just gotta let it go」. It just somehow aligned with the troubles we’d been having, which gave it more weight as time went on. We still, to this day, have to remember our best is good enough which should lead us into the new decade.’

‘If you haven’t taken this quiz, I don’t want to spoil the experience for you. It’s definitely more of a text RPG than a pure quiz. It’s quite fun whether you answer accurately or incorrectly. It’s almost more fun to get the wrong answers. If you’re a Japanese aisatsu master, then, definitely take the time to have a look at the incorrect paths of this random mini adventure due to QUIZBO™’s overactive imagination.’

‘I want to thank you each personally for choosing us as your guides to Japanese language and culture. It’s really something built on trust, teaching someone to communicate in another language. And, I hope that we continue to uphold that sort of place in your journey, here on Planet Earth. Until next year~’


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