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Kiki’s Favourites of 2019:

moshed-2019-1-19-6-25-32‘ハイハイ、みにゃあ~!Wow, wow! This year was full of so many articles; About 130 articles!!! We’ve really put our very best into each one of these, and I hope you’ve gotten the most you can out of them, and that you will get more enjoyment and education out of them for years to come. I figured it wouldn’t be a retrospective without taking a look back at our favourite articles. But, then, I realised, I was really happy with them all! (=✖ ᆺ ✖=) And, I couldn’t decide which I liked best… But, then I decided, I just had to at least try to choose a few that I enjoyed for various reasons… And, I hope you enjoy them, too! We did our best making them, and I hope they helped you to be your best!’

大福餅とは?| What is Daifuku Mochi?

I really love squishy, delicious daifuku mochi, and (=♡ ᆺ ♡=) I loved being able to eat them for very important research!! (Even if you’ve eaten them your whole life, you can’t write an article about a treat without at least trying them, I tell you!!) I hope this may have inspired some people to try daifuku and open up their world to a new dimension of texture and flavour (=✪ ω ✪=)’

雛祭りとは?|What is Hinamatsuri?

‘This was our very first culture lesson, and I was so happy to be able to share a holiday that many people may not know about. It’s so ubiquitous in Japan, and even outside of Japan, but it’s not an official national holiday? If you haven’t read it, it’s a fun read, I think. Also, I liked dressing up like a princess.🎎

[QUIZ] Hello!|Text RPG|Do You Know?| Japanese Greetings #1A

‘This, I think, is a hidden gem sort of quiz that turned into a sort of text RPG. QUIZBO™ went overboard with these scenarios, and I love them. I didn’t expect most of them. Except the one on the train.’

The Necessary Nebulousness of 「ん」(The Mysterious Maverick of Japanese Morae)

I quite liked the mystery aspect of it. It really personified ん and it was fun to think of something that may be simple in a way that may make things stick a bit more. ん is just misunderstand, I tell you! (งΦ Д Φ)ง’

🔊Japanese Word(s) of the Week w/ QUIZBO™ | 【夏休み】(+Quick Summer Culture Corner)

I’m not sure why, but this one continued to show up in my mind. I think I just really enjoyed talking about summer holiday and I couldn’t choose just one of QUIZBO™’s Word of the Week segments. He’s very fun to work with, and I just wanted to include one where 

Honorable Mentions:

✍Let’s Write HIRAGANA!!【わゐゑをん】第10課|Kiki+Koko: Let’s NihonGO!! (書き方/筆順)(+ Milestone Congratulations!! +Announcement ) [SpeRaToBo 101st Post!]

‘ゑ and are my very favourite hiragana! They’re just my favourite, and I have to at least include them in the list. They’re so fun to write, but they’re almost obsolete, so there aren’t as many chances to write them as I like. Hopefully, you, too, after writing them, will understand the enjoyment (つω`●)’

🔊 I Me Mine | Basic Personal Pronouns + Body Language Note | SIDE B || Kiki+Koko: Let’s NihonGO!! Japanese Language Learning Essentials

I love introducing topics that aren’t even present in English because it really makes you feel like there’s a fun challenge to try to get the concept across. There are so many cultural undertones to explain, but that’s the fun of it~! Also, I love wearing our camper uniforms. Sometimes the HD camera doesn’t put as much detail on our faces and stretches us a bit sometimes, but ce la vie. Also, I choose this part because I really love introducing body language as it’s something so different in various countries. Hopefully, we’ll get to do more of those this decade.’


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