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Before we get you started learning to read, we have a couple of articles that may assist you in your studies! Maybe you think you can make it in Japanese with just romanised words, or words without Japanese or simplified Chinese characters. Romanisation has a time and place, though, so it’s something to learn along the way, just not something to completely depend on. But, we’re here for people of all levels and needs. It’s okay if you just want to dabble in Japanese language, but we’re also here to assist you if you’re serious about becoming fluent~!

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50音順 |平仮名  ||  Gojuuon-Jun | Hiragana

Learn how to read the first 48 hiragana with us, Kiki+Koko, and our robot computer friend, QUIZBO™, (The ™ is silent) However, he is a portable version, QUIZBO™ Mini, who lives here on the site. He’ll be there to help sound out these hiragana for you. You can click the sound ‘bytes’ as many times as you’d like, QUIZBO™ won’t mind. ( Get it, bytes? … Computer?  …We’ll stick to teaching Japanese. ) Afterwards, you’ll be able to take a quiz with QUIZBO™ to help you review them or test your knowledge!

Let's Read!! with QUIZBO™ #1 あいうえお Thumbnail - Lesson - Reading 1 - かきくけこ Let's Read!! with QUIZBO™ #3 さしすせそ
Thumbnail - Lesson - Reading 1 - たちつてと MOSHED-2019-5-31-3-15-42 MOSHED-2019-2-18-20-27-58
MOSHED-2019-5-31-3-17-40 MOSHED-2019-5-31-3-17-54 


50音順 |平仮名  ||  Gojuuon-Jun | Hiragana

After completing the lessons and reviewing / revising, you can take a moment to test your knowledge. Do you know each hiragana character? Prove your skills! Or, use this as an opportunity to test yourself which is a great way to study. And, if you don’t get them all correct the first tries, no worries, we’re anywhere you want us to be, 25 hours a day, 8 days a week. We’re so serious about helping you learn Japanese language and culture that we even break the laws of space and time.

Thumbnail - Quiz - Reading - あいうえお Thumbnail - Quiz - Reading - かきくけこ Thumbnail - Quiz - Reading - さしすせそ
Thumbnail - Quiz - Reading - たちつてと
MOSHED-2019-6-3-4-6-37 MOSHED-2019-6-3-4-7-20
MOSHED-2019-6-3-4-7-49 MOSHED-2019-6-3-4-8-19 MOSHED-2019-6-3-4-8-49

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