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⚙️Patch Update 1.0.1 | January Japanese Word of the Weekday w//QUIZBO™

⚙️Updates ⚙️Bug Fixes ⚙️New Features HELLO! I AM QUIZBO™!We, here, at Kiki+Koko: Let’s NihonGO!! Online are always striving to create the best content to help you on your Japanese language learning journey. January Japanese […]

興子の紀行文#○○○ニ|この先にいいことがあるのでしょう|| ♡Kiki+Koko™の紀行文

Introduction to The ♡Kiki+Koko™ Travelogue for New Visitors♡ (もう日本語がおっしゃれて今すぐ興子ちゃんの投稿をお読みしたがったら、ただにこの部分をお飛びしてもよろしいです。) Welcome, Earthlings, to the ♡嬉嬉+興子の紀行文! (Otherwise known as: The ♡Kiki+Koko™ Travelogue.) Join our journey as twin Japanese teachers living on Planet Earth. These […]

🔊January Japanese Word of the Weekday w//QUIZBO™ | 【すみません、もう一度もっとゆっくり言って頂けませんか】(+🔊Helpful Hints with Kiki+Koko!!) (15 of 20)

HELLO! I AM QUIZBO™!And, welcome to the fifteenth instalment of this special corner: Kiki+Koko: Let’s NihonGO!! Online’s JanuaryJapanese Word of the Weekday! Throughout the month of January, we have continued to provide you with […]