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🔊 Let’s Read!! w/ QUIZBO™ 【ちゃちゅちょ】| ひらがな拗音|Hiragana Youon |(+ Helpful Hints with Kiki+Koko!)

こんにちにゃあ~!Welcome to Kiki+Koko: Let’s NihonGO!! Online! We hope you’re in the mood for another seasonal blend. This lesson would serve helpful if you fancy a cuppaーa bit of 茶, cha. That’s right, if you […]

✍Let’s Write HIRAGANA!!【しゃしゅしょ】第17課|拗音|Youon|Kiki+Koko: Let’s NihonGO!! (書き方/筆順) | (+Helpful Hints with Kiki+Koko)

皆さん、こんにちにゃあぁ!「Kiki+Koko:Let’s NihonGO!! Online」へ ようこそ! Welcome to Kiki+Koko: Let’s NihonGO!! Online! We’re your guides to Japanese language and culture, Kiki and Koko. And, we’re here with our computer robot friend, QUIZBO™ to help you […]