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Hello, Earthlings!


We’re Kiki+Koko, twin Japanese language and culture teachers residing on planet Earth. You may recognise us from our regular contributions to the Japanese language and culture blog at ieindigoeast.com known as Kiki+Koko: Let’s NihonGO!! We create podcasts, music, videos, and more for your edu-tainment. And, though we already interact with you every other day by providing an ever-growing library of free Japanese lessons, we feel as though there’s even more for us to offer. Betwixt lessons lies little segments of life and enjoyment that we’d like to share with you!

Photo Courtesy of love.kikikoko on Instagram.
📷@ieindigoeast × @kikiandkokoletsnihongo

Why ‘♡Kiki+Koko™’ ?


Whilst we already spend time with you every other day through our language and culture blog, we wanted to create a new outlet where we could share experiences and ideas outside of a strictly learning environment. Having an enjoyable time is at the core of our teaching, but there are many things we would like to share that accomplish similar goals that simply wouldn’t fit into our episodic lessons. So, we started this lifestyle blog!

Here, we can share a broad range of ideas and topics that we think you’ll enjoy. And, we’ll be able to show you more about our personal experiences as well as what goes on behind the scenes of our other endeavours. Overall, we hope you’ll enjoy our unique perspective and join us on this little journey called life on this neat blue planet called Earth.

Photo Courtesy of love.kikikoko on Instagram. 📷@ieindigoeast × @kikiandkokoletsnihongo

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What does ‘♡Kiki+Koko™’ mean?


No matter how late at night, no matter how early in the morning, no matter the amount of time available to write, we always make sure to put our very best into each and every article. It’s something near and dear to our hearts, and we truly believe in our cause. Of course, Japanese culture and language is what we know, but it’s truly about experiencing other cultures and expanding your mind. It’s about broadening your lines of communication and strengthening your mind. Anyone can learn a foreign language with any amount of time they have, and we believe it’s enriching to people’s lives. Whether or not you become completely fluent, you’ll have reaped the mental and emotional benefits from the experience. It brings people together and opens up a whole new world. And, with that mission, we realised it was important to end every lesson with something meaningful but simple and easy to recognise.

So, at the end of every Japanese culture or language lesson, we put our mark, putting our heart on our sleeves, opening up to the world and hopefully connecting each reader’s heart to a new world, with the simple moniker:「 ♡Kiki+Koko 」

Of course, we couldn’t use a heart in our URL, but it did give a more poignant translation. Though it’s lovekikikoko, we want to present things that love generally represents. it’s not simply about sharing the things we love or about the things which we’re passionate. It’s about the things we experience.

Though the 「♡」 mark itself is known as ハート, haato, and the physical heart is known as 心臓, shinzou, we like to think of it as ‘heart’ itself. In Japanese, kokoro, means not only heart, but mind and spirit. And these concepts are what make up every being. Though we’ll focus on many everyday lifestyle topics, even these small enjoyments and moments are what make up our hearts and minds.

So,「 ♡Kiki+Koko™」 simplifies the entire essence of this blog. Leaving our mark, sharing our experiences, and opening up our hearts.

Photo Courtesy of love.kikikoko on Instagram. 📷@ieindigoeast × @kikiandkokoletsnihongo

We look forward to sharing more of our journey and experiences on planet Earth, and we wish you every kind of happiness along the way.


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