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皆さん、ハロー、こんにちにゃん。We’re currently experiencing technical difficulties. We apologise especially during this time. The current item experiencing errors is: the internet at the SpeRaToBo HQ and the quiz for this week’s lesson. The delay for this post to notify about this issue has again been exacerbated by our poor internet connectivity which we are still waiting on being mended officially and properly. (We’re told it will be ‘soon-ish’, which we know means nothing, but we look forward to a time where we won’t ever have to notify about technical difficulties for internet issues again, which will be a magical day.)

We thank you for your patience during this time. We only want to provide the best for you even if it means breaking our schedule. But, after losing progress on the coding during the outage, we’re unsure if we’ll be able to re-code the lesson in time. Still, we wanted to give you a proper notice in the meantime. We’re doing our absolute best, and we hope you continue to do your absolute best during these times.

In the meantime, we hope you’ll still be able to enjoy revising/reviewing our over 250 past lessons or watching previous content. Be sure to Follow SpeRaToBo || ieindigoeast in order to be the first to know when this quiz and future content releases. During this time, we don’t have the ability to get assistance with these sorts of issues from outside sources due to our usual go-to venues being shut down or closed due to the current health crisis.

In the meantime, the one word we can give you today is:


This word/phrase literally means ‘technical issues’ as in:

ぎじゅつてきもんだいが はっせいしています。 もうしわけございません。
gijutsutekimondai ga hassei shiteimasu. moushi wake gozaimasen.
We’re experiencing technical difficulties. Our apologies.

Of course, even we understand that there was nothing more we could do in the situation. We are always prepared days in advance and nothing can really be done when it comes to random errors. And, that wasn’t even the half of it. But, even still, it still makes us feel awful. But, hopefully being able to experience the content as intended will make up for it. Anyway, we hope that little bit of Japanese will help and that you can still enjoy the previous lessons. (Again, there’s over 250 to explore as of this time~!)

Thank you again for continuing with us on your Japanese language learning journey. Remember to keep washing your hands, keep distanced, and be mindful, but don’t panic.

Stay safe, everyone!!

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