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(Full Title: 🔊I Want to Tell You | Focus: 出身はどこですか? Where are you from?| Earth Countries in Japanese | South America | | Basic Answers (First Meeting) | 基本的な答え (初対面) || Kiki+Koko: Let’s NihonGO!! Japanese Language Learning Essentials )

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 皆様みんなさま、こんにちにゃあぁ!Welcome to Kiki+Koko: Let’s NihonGO!! Online! At times in our life, we find ourselves with many questions, sometimes about ourselves and other times, about those around us. Upon your travels, whether local or international, it’s quite likely that you won’t be familiar with everyone you meet. When you encounter another human in the wilderness of Earth, you may have questions. And, likewise, they may have questions about you. Questions were the springboard of all of this, otherwise known as 疑問詞, gimonshi, Japanese question words. In the previous lessons we’ve expanded these questions by quite a bit—so we recommend a quick trek back to those which will be linked through thumbnails below—however, when introducing all of these questions, we realised they would be rendered completely moot without the most important element: 答え, kotae, answers. Sure, you could ask someone a question and receive an answer, but will you know what it means? Someone could ask you a question, but would you have an answer? This is at the heart of these latest resources. Out in the wild, trekking through the sometimes difficult terrain, you’ll need to have both tools equipped in your Japanese Language Survival Kit.

countries of Europe thumbnailPeople from all over the globe are in the pursuit of learning Japanese for various motivations and varying end-goals. This results in the opportunity to run into people from anywhere on Earth! Of course, in any language, it’s important to be familiar with the countries of the world, as it gives perspective. Japan in comparison to the whole wide world as well as many countries can seem like such a small place, but something as natural as a place where humans have come to speak a specific language and have carved out their own culture can have such a far reach. Though everyone has their goals in learning Japanese language and culture, it can definitely be used as an opportunity to become more familiar with the world as a whole. Japanese culture itself was shaped by many of the surrounding cultures, however for those unfamiliar, it may be surprising that there were many reciprocal influences from all the way across the Pacific Ocean and through South America, from Brazil. For example, the word for the Netherlands or Holland, we covered in the previous lesson,  which is オランダ, oranda, is actually from an older Portuguese loan word, Olanda, and even England, or イギリス, igirisu, comes from another older Portuguese loan word, inglez. Each have modern equivalents, Holanda and inglês, respectively, but it makes sense to focus on where it came from originally. Of course, there are many more instances and this would be an even better discussion for another lesson, but there is the likelihood that somewhere maybe in your city or country, there is some form of reciprocal influence that has been made. 

At any rate, if you ask someone where they’re from in Japanese, or where they would like to go, or you simply want to start a basic conversation in Japanese, you’ll need to know a bit of what we’ve been laying out for you. Sure, phrasebooks can give you words, but we’re here to teach you how to do more than recite a script! We’re here to help you create your own thoughts and feelings expressed through another language. Of course, there’s quite a ways to go, but we have to be mindful of the great progress that could have been made so far. We recommend taking a look at these previous lessons to get a bit of a grasp on these concepts before continuing, as it will help you put these vocabulary words to good use. There’s particles, pronouns, basic question words, and making a basic sentence! There are specific ways to make questions and how to construct and use the vocabulary into sentences. And, whilst we would love every lesson to include everything you need, it may be difficult to fit over 100 previous lessons into every one of these. But, no worries, we’ll be right here when you’ve completed your revision / review~!

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Welcome back, if you just took a trip around the world of Kiki+Koko: Let’s NihonGO!! Essentials, but if you think you have a good grasp on all of it and you’ve simply scrolled down, then hello, again! Before we jump right into this, it’s time we gave you some more essential information and remind you of a tiny bit in case you skipped the revision/review.

Quick Introduction

Previous Related Question and Answers:

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In these previous lessons, you can learn how to ask questions like: Where are you from? What country are you from? Which country are you from? and Which country do you come from? Be sure to go to the ‘Countries of Asia’ lesson for the latter four. For Where do you want to go? Where do you plan to travel?  and Where have you travelled? along with answers to these questions, you can go to ‘Countries of Europe’. You can get how to make demonyms and identify languages by going to ‘Countries of North America’. We’re looming over the glove with QUIZBO™ holding a second globe in that thumbnail, in case you miss it. Travelling the world for answers is only a click or tap away. You can simply leave them open in another window or on a mobile device or tablet. And, as not to repeat too much from the previous lessons, we think it may be safe to simply carry on with the countries~!

Basic Answers: Where are you from?
| 基本的な答え: 「出身は どこですか。」

Countries | 国々

These are in English alphabetical order. But, if you’re just looking for one specific country, or you’re revising/reviewing, you can use ‘ctrl+f’ on your keyboard on PC to open the finder, then type in the country name in English, or on mobile, open the ‘find in page’ on your respective browser options. Also, we’ll be sure to list these countries/territories by region. 

南アメリカ|South America


亜爾然丁 ( アルゼンチン)【あるぜんちん】aruzenchin


暮利比亜 (ボリビア)【ぼりびあ boribia


伯剌西爾(ブラジル)【ぶらじる burajiru


智利 (チリ)【ちり chiri





Falkland Islands

フォークランド諸島【ふぉーくらんどしょとう fookurando shotou

French Guiana

フランス領ギアナ【ふらんすりょうぎあなfuransuryou giana


ガイアナ【がいあな gaiana


巴拉圭 (パラグアイ)【ぱらぐあいparaguai


秘露(ペルー)【ぺるー peruu

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (SGSSI)

サウスジョージア・サウスサンドウィッチ諸島【さうすじょーじあ・さうすさんどうぃっちしょとう sausu joojia sausu sandouicchi shotou




宇柳貝(ウルグアイ)【うるぐあい uruguai


委内瑞拉 (ベネズエラ)【べねずえら benezuera

Thank you for joining us on our trip to South America. Hopefully, this was a more absorbable lesson of countries, and hopefully, we’ve included every country. We would hate to leave anyone out by mistake, so leave a comment below if we’ve missed anything. And, countries of the world sometimes shift and change, so if something should happen, you can be sure to comment and we’ll update the list. We do wish that we could include sound-bites for every country in the world, but that would overload QUIZBO™’s current system. At the time of this article’s initial uploading, our site is up for renewal. Our site depends on viewers like you in order to continue providing new lessons, content, and resources. A large part of this isn’t simply living, but the actual storage space of the website. With your continued and expanded support,  we may be able to acquire more storage for the site in order to provide larger projects. If anyone has any tips in the meantime when it comes to storing sound bites from a third party source to embed on the page safely for the long-term, we’d also be very appreciative. All in all, we’ve made huge strides and are so happy to have expanded the reader base and readership, and we want to continue to provide even more for you~!♡ There is so much we have planned and in the works, and you can help be a part of getting it out to everyone.

We hope that we’ve continued to be a useful source for your Japanese studies. We want to be there for you in your Japanese language learning journey for years to come. Your support helps others just like you who also want to continue to keep these educational tools available to everyone. Perhaps during your busy week, you may forget which day it is. By subscribing to the Electronic Mailing List of Tomorrow, today, found usually at the bottom of the site page or the sidebar on desktop, you won’t have to remember what day of the week it is! You’ll get the latest tools and resources to surviving in Japanese language in straight to your inbox. That’s articles, videos, podcasts, and more. And, you can forward it directly to your friends and family, or enemies and strangers, to share the learning!

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Thank you for having us! We hope that you continue with us on this adventure, and we appreciate that you’ve chosen us to assist you on your Japanese learning journey!

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