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Boi, if you aren’t a patron on Indigo East’s Patreon page, then you missed out on QUITE a lot. Leading up to the premiere of Kiki and Koko’s cover of Space Oddity: Exclusive photos, behind the scenes looks– But, no need to beat yourself up about it, you can still access it by becoming a patron! Then, you won’t miss out on future events, AND you’ll make those future events possible! As frugal as one can be, every project still requires life’s most basic of necessities. 

This video is quite an interesting treat as we get a selfie-view on the set of the Space Oddity event! I, for one, would enjoy seeing more of these sorts of videos as they seem fun and give a neat off-the-cuff video straight from Kiki and Koko.

It seems as though this video was shot with a 1970s style personal video camera, complete with film– How they were able to connect it as a webcam, I’ll never know. As it is revealed in this video, Kiki is responsible for creating the ensemble that they are both wearing– Koko’s Ziggy Stardust outfit is complete with a true-to-colour striped jumpsuit, which contrary to popular belief, is actually a jacket and trouser combo. I suppose, if you’ve seen any live performance footage, the illusion would be shattered quite easily about 15 minutes onward.

As we can see with the back-and-forth, it’s always interesting to get a bit of a look at the banter between them, the general vibe and the interesting chemistry despite their polar opposite demeanour. For being twins, it is a bit odd how many siblings can turn out quite different. And while Kiki maintains that they are aliens, it does make one wonder.

Do you know any twins? Are you yourself a twin? We’d like to know your experience–Are you very dissimilar to your twin, or do you feel the need to differentiate? Or, have your paths simply diverged so that the sometimes nature and other times nurtured twin connection dissipated over time? Let us know in the comments below! Each and every comment is read with care

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こんにちにゃあ(´・ω・)ノ THE TRUTH SHALL BE REVEALED… about our upcoming autumn project broadcast. Take your protein pills and put your helmets on, boyos, IT’S HAPPENING!!

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All Video and Music Credits attributed to Indigo East.
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