What’s a SIMPHOP? And should I be worried? (Deferring and Regret)


In a new type of video from SpeRaToBo by Indigo East, we have a visualiser featuring a sample from Homer Simpson in what has been dubbed, at least by this video, as ‘Simphop’– While the music on its own can stand with or without the sample, the opening phrase spoken by Homer give a comical yet melancholy tone to the impervious moody feel of lofi hip hop.

We begin our journey with a lone, grief-stricken piano as the warbled voice of Homer recalls his regretful experience of the time he could have met Mr. T at the mall. He continues to put off his goal with the naive thought, taking for granted that Mr. T would always be there. The piano breaks off discordantly as it’s revealed that as soon as he arrived, he had just missed the oppertunity to meet Mr. T. He asks an employee if he would ever get the chance to see Mr. T at the mall, again, but he’s left heartbroken at the fact that the chance may never come again. It’s with this that we begin our gloomy decent into the heart of the song.

Sure, taking it lightly, his child-like love for Mr. T is quite humorous, but this couldn’t help but bring to mind the horribly marred and heavy feeling of a missed opportunity. Haven’t we all at one point thought to ourselves that we could wait until ‘a little later’ or ‘a little later’ to do something that we’ve always dreamed of doing? And, then, maybe from carelessness or from preoccupation, the opportunity simply dissolves without the opportunity to get it back. This little ditty encapsulates a brief sketch of that feeling with its woeful trumpet and angst-filled dizi. To put a nail in the the end of it all, Marge exclaims how it is something one could regret for the rest of their life.

So, perhaps, after hearing this, you, too, might do something you’ve always wanted to do before the opportunity leaves. Don’t let yourself get taken in by regret.

REGRET 「未練」]|| SIMPHOP || Indigo East (SUBTITLED)

____________________Video Description____________________
A quick little ditty;
an angst-y lo-fi Simpsons hiphop mix
produced and performed by Indigo East a while ago

Piano, Trumpet, Dizi, etc

with Books + Artwork + Apparel + etc

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