第2話 初会 | Kiki + Koko: Let’s NihonGO!! Vlogs (SUBTITLED)


Look out, it’s episode 2 of Kiki+Koko‘s listening comprehension series. While immersion is wonderful, it doesn’t give one the opportunity to actually test their skills. One can watch the news in Japanese or listen to a conversation, but without any sort of self accountability, it makes it difficult to actually use properly. This video gives you all of the tools you need for self study. It gives you actual concepts to recall just as if you were having a conversation– Monologues may be one sided, but when it comes to communicating in a dialogue, comprehending what the other person says is obviously critical.

These first two videos are geared towards higher level beginners who aren’t quite ready to listen and comprehend at full speed. This gives the opportunity to hear it once at regular pace, then once more slowly to truly give ones mind a bit of time to understand.

The subtitles on this video are unmatched as there are options to even practise reading hiragana or romaji for those who aren’t quite ready for that. But, if you’re not interested in necessarily learning Japanese, but want to understand the concepts and entertainment, you can turn on regular fully English translated subtitles. And, there are many layers so that repetition will uncover more enjoyment. This video features some hand-crafted jazz and lofi music that you can enjoy along with the new camera visuals. You’ll learn more about Kiki and Koko through these videos and hopefully have some fun.

In the official release announcement from Indigo East on Patreon, we see that there are worksheets and vocabulary lists that will be available for certain patrons. This trend may evolve into something new in future, but for now, you can enjoy these as they arrive.

‘It’s here! There’s a huge amount of effort that went into this one to make sure you have the opportunity to learn and enjoy as much as possible. 

The next release may take a bit because I’m working on some other projects that will make this experience even better for everyone~!  (That is–unless it’s accelerated by patrons, then I will make sure that it’s released as soon as possible)  

Honorary Earthlings will receive worksheet(s) and vocabulary list(s)!

And, Resident Earthlings will get a transcript, both available on Patreon

Worksheets, vocabulary lists and more will be available at soon as well as MUSIC for patrons only~ ☆’

___________________Video Description___________________
こんにちにゃあ!! ヾ(・ω・*)ノ Let’s use our skills!!
(and get lost with some spaced out handcrafted lofi music)

≫≫≫≫≫≫ SUBTITLE GUIDE: ≪≪≪≪≪≪
Technically this is listening comprehension, so it’s cheating, BUT it doesn’t have to be! The point is to learn, so you can use these tools to get the most out of your experience.

forfun: ENGLISH = Fully translated into English
you can use to check translation

beginner : UKENGLISH= Fully transcribed,
Japanese + Roumaji
(Optimal cheat sheet (^_-)
If you can’t read hiragana)

超serious :JAPANESE = Kanji AND hiragana section
(Good way to practise
reading Japanese )

hontoexpert☆ : NONE = Hehe, I mean, it’s listening
comprehension, I guess. Use
no captions to enjoy the

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All Video and Music Credits attributed to Indigo East.
Music Available on 12 patreon logopngPatreon 


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