「鴨にするカモ」| Let’s MANGA! | Kiki + Koko [EXPLAINED]


In Japanese, just like English, there’s what is called  駄洒落 (dajare) or what’s basically known as ‘wordplay’ — This quick segment heavily relies on dajare in order to understand the jokes. There’s several puns in this segment.

Nothing makes a comic more fun than explaining it to death, haha
No, but it might be helpful, anyway, so in future, you may also be able to partake in the dajare

The video subtitles explain this, but just as a quick helpful tip:

(kamo)= duck

す (kamosu) =  to cause; to bring on; to bring about; to give rise to
嬉 嬉 (KiKi) = Kiki
危機 (kiki) = crisis

Kiki’s name kanji means merry; joyful; gleeful

But, just as easily,
利き (kiki) = effectiveness; efficacy; efficaciousness

Japanese has a lot of homophones~ Or for you writing majors out there, or anyone who’s watched Dead Poets Society, there’s … a plethora of homophones. (We watched it in University for a pedagogical assignment about unrealistic goals when becoming an teacher and how movies influence them. I might not cause a class of students to stand on their desks in salute, but hopefully these videos and essays are fun little nuggets of learning)

..Anyway, where was I…? … Oh right, there are a plethora of homophones in Japanese, so kanji clears those up. But, in this case, it’s used as a joke to make things have more than one meaning. Even the the end that is usually 終わり was changed to お終い to show their impending doom.

Anyway! You can get more indepth explanations of the Japanese used inthese videos by becoming a patron on Indigo East on Patreon. If you’re unsure what Patreon is, feel free to take a look at the previous post. 

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こんにちにゃあ(´・ω・)ノ Let’s watch a short comic, yeah?
お楽しんでください、わたくしの愚作 ( – ▿ – )これは何・・・

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